Thursday music musings, 8.5.14

…Nope, still don’t like Bonnie Tyler. I’d be interested to know if that scratchy voice was part of her technique and if she could ever sing a clean note. I could see that style working for other genres of music, but for what she was doing it didn’t work worth a damn.


Same for pretty much any version of “Unchained Melody.” I think the first version of that song I ever heard was from Ronnie McDowell, rather than the Righteous Brothers original. The original was only marginally tolerable, but pretty much every other version I’ve heard was just horrid. I think the absolute worst was LeAnn Rimes’ cover. Talk about cranking up the bombast. Every time I heard it I thought, “Lord, deliver me,” much like I do when hear anything from Carrie Underwood anymore.


And just when you think Jerrod Niemann couldn’t set the bar any lower for himself, he goes off and does it.  I think of that song, and I think of a song like Jason Boland and the Stragglers’ “Sons and Daughters of Dixie,” and I have to ask myself — why is Jerrod Niemann the hitmaker while Jason Boland and the Stragglers languish in relative obscurity? That says so much about the mainstream “country” audience anymore, and absolutely none of it is good.



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