Real men don’t…wait, what? Bring…what, now?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite so pathetic as Michelle Antoinette Obama making a pouty face as she holds up  piece of paper with a hashtag written on it. For fuck’s sake, she’s the First Lady of the United States! I have a hard time believing Laura Bush would lower herself to such a level. I mean, I hate girls being kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery as much as the next decent person, but, well, Mark Steyn puts it better

Just as the last floppo hashtag, #WeStandWithUkraine, didn’t actually involve standing with Ukraine, so #BringBackOurGirls doesn’t require bringing back our girls. There are only a half-dozen special forces around the planet capable of doing that without getting most or all of the hostages killed: the British, the French, the Americans, Israelis, Germans, Aussies, maybe a couple of others. So, unless something of that nature is being lined up, those schoolgirls are headed into slavery, and the wretched pleading passivity of Mrs Obama’s hashtag is just a form of moral preening….

There’s something slightly weird about taking a hashtag – which on the Internet at least has a functional purpose – and getting a big black felt marker and writing it on a piece of cardboard and holding it up, as if somehow the comforting props of social media can be extended beyond the computer and out into the real world.

And as for things like the “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” campaign…They don’t, eh? Way to imply Western cultural norms are in any way superior to any other cultural norms, Hollywood! How very progressive and enlightened of you!



2 Responses to “Real men don’t…wait, what? Bring…what, now?”

  1. Jeff Bauer Says:


    Hillary Clinton’s War on Women

  2. Crotalus Says:

    Well, here, real men DON’T buy girls. They RENT them! 😀

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