Not surprising, but still disappointing.

The Triggerman, on the new Miranda Lambert/Carrie Underwood duet:

And when the duo debuted the song on the 2014 Billboard Music Awards Sunday night, something bad did happen….

…The idea was that the current dominant style of music known as “bro-country” had so corrupted country music’s airwaves and relegated virtually all country female performers to a lower class, it needed and antidote, a power-packed one-two punch of country music female stardom that could show the boys that the women of country mean business. But instead we got flailing hair, screamed lyrics, and a loss of melody that made the song and performance smack of some 80′s era mashup between Aerosmith and Joan Jett.

That’s pretty much the long and short of it. Yes, I listened to the song — about 45 seconds of it before I turned it off. You know what it sounded like? A typical Carrie Underwood song (think “Good Girl” or “Blown Away”) with Miranda Lambert singing half of it. Did I expect better? Maybe. I certainly didn’t expect Miranda Lambert to channel the worst tendencies of Carrie Underwood, though.

And it sucks, yeah, but it’s not surprising anymore. I don’t know why anyone would have thought either of those artists would have been kind of any part of shaking up the country music establishment. Sure, she had her nice little fake-out with the Pistol Annies, but Miranda Lambert rattling the mainstream country cage in any way would have been crapping where she eats, considering that she’s married to one of the problems with it anymore. As for Carrie Underwood — well, if you’ll pardon the phrase, bombasters are gonna bombast. I mean, really. I could be wrong, but reading about the build-up leading to this, I got the feeling that some people thought it was gonna be on the level of George Strait and Alan Jackson recording “Murder On Music Row.” As disappointed as I was even with my low expectations I can only imagine how they felt.

And on we go, down the road to mono-genre hell…


One Response to “Not surprising, but still disappointing.”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    she had her nice little fake-out with the Pistol Annies

    What fake-out? That was poppy Nashville shit too. Anyone who thinks Miranda Lambert was gonna be some kind of heroine for traditional country never bothered listening to Miranda Lambert. Ooh, it’s a woman singing about drunkenness and bad behavior. How fucking Earth-shattering. Well, if Gretchen Wilson hadn’t done it years earlier.

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