Saturday tech musings, 7.6.14

You longtime readers all know well my disdain for iOS 7. It had always been in the back of my mind that they were going to be shifting that way with the design for OS X. Looks like they’ll indeed be going that way, and yeah, it does suck.

But with the Kafkaesque nightmare that Windows 8 has turned out to be, at this point I really don’t care anymore. I’ve dealt with more shit on Windows 8 computers than I have on pretty much every previous version of Windows. The latest example took the cake. I was trying to help a customer uninstall and reinstall a certain program. We got it uninstalled fine. The problem came when we tried to reinstall it. We downloaded the program file from the website — and it was nowhere to be found on the computer. Searched for it EVERYWHERE. Couldn’t ever find it. Windows freaking ate the thing, just like AVG eats iTunes libraries. It’s cool to get paid for dealing with it on other people’s machines, but I don’t have the time or the inclination to deal with that shit on my own machines.


With all due respect, if you don’t back up your data on your electronic device because, and I quote, “that’s too much work,” then you are an asshat and I hope said device suffers a catastrophic failure and you lose everything dear to you that’s on it. How important is that data to you? Obviously not that important, considering in some cases you can set it up to where all you have to do is plug the damn thing in to charge and connect it to your wifi network. And seriously, even in other cases it’s really NOT that much work. I have all the data on my Mac backed up a couple of different ways — I manually copied all the data from the Mac to my external hard drive and I made a Time Machine backup. Manually copying the data didn’t take that long — maybe 30 minutes or so if I remember correctly — but I will admit the Time Machine backup took a while. From what I remember it was a couple of hours. But it was okay. I initiated the backup, we went out to eat and do some other stuff, and when I came back it was done. BAM. Just like that. Seriously. If it’s that important, it’s never “too much work.”


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