Only the best for the elite!

From the Express-News letters to the editor today:

Re: “Heat still a hot topic; Bexar judge, Miami star square off,” Sports, Saturday:

Maybe if County Judge Nelson Wolf had left his suite during the air-conditioning outage at the opening Spurs-Heat game, and if he had run up and down the court a dozen times or so, then he might have been more aware of the temperature.

And from the Palm Beach Post, after Game 1:

One guy who thought the conditions were fine was Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff. He watched the game from a private suite and told the San Antonio Express-News, “I wasn’t all that hot. … It may have been just a little uncomfortable for some folks, but certainly it didn’t bother me or anybody in the suite that we were in.”

Well now. If that’s not a perfect, tailor-made illustration of the relationship between Nelson Wolff and the citizens of San Antonio, then I don’t know what is. Looking down on the people of the city, with no clue of how they’re actually living, and in the case of the streetcars thinking he knows what’s best.

Of course, he is a Democrat, so that last bit probably goes without saying.


One Response to “Only the best for the elite!”

  1. GomeznSA Says:

    Yep, old nelson is probably at least as out of touch with the little people he purports to be concerned with as cantor was. And the truly sad part is that he still has a good probability of winning his latest run…………..not to mention conning the low info types into not even having a public vote on the mayor’s pet streetcar project.
    I’m still underwhelmed about the first vote after I moved here, you know, the one where a bunch of bond issues passed ‘overwhelmingly’ – with a NINE percent voter turnout.

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