Tuesday music musings, 17.6.14

I wonder if Eric Church even realizes that he contradicts himself from one sentence to the next here:

The stigma with country is it’s not cool. That’s wrong. Country is very cool. I look at award shows, I look at how country is represented. Country is represented with an asterisk. We have to perform collaborations. We have to perform a tribute. We can’t perform by ourselves.

I mean, really? He says country is cool, but then he presents all the evidence that it isn’t perceived as such? And then he bounces back and talks about how much it sells? Okay then…

Beyond that, why should any self-respecting music fan give a damn about what’s cool and what isn’t, anyway? This whole “keeping up with the Joneses” thing is what’s gotten mainstream country music in its sorry shape in the first place!

And you know this is just one more reason that I have to point and laugh at anyone who tries to portray Eric Church as some kind of modern-day Outlaw or general badass, right? Do you think Jason Boland gives a flying shit about what’s cool and what isn’t? Do you think George Strait does? Do you think Waylon did?

You bet your ass those are rhetorical questions. And you know the answer to them as well as I do.


Next up, straw man alert from Jerrod Niemann!

People think if we go and mix other types of stuff it’s ruining it or it’s going to end something, but it all goes in phases, it all changes. I really had to evolve a lot in my mind as a music fan to understand certain things, and if you sit there and try to [sound] like Johnny Cash, and Waylon and Willie, you’re not going to go anywhere, because that’s what made them so great. They can’t be replicated.

Ahem. Yet again, no one’s raising hell about modern mainstream “country” singers not sounding like the artists of old. Nobody tried to replicate Waylon or Willie. Or George or Merle, for that matter. They took the influences of those singers and incorporated it into their own sounds. What we’re raising hell about is the fact that we’re not seeing that anymore, that these people seem to be taking their cues not from the likes of George Strait and Alan Jackson, but from people like Pitbull and Nelly — in other words, yet again, that what we’re seeing is not the evolution of country music, but the gutting of it and its replacement with something completely alien to the spirit of the genre. Hell, Eric Church has straight up told people that he didn’t grow up listening to country music — and he’s allegedly one of the better guys on the scene now! (I say “allegedly” because I’ve seen people allege it, but I’m just not hearing it.)

And way to imply that music fans who reject this crap are not “evolved,” jackass! Way to convert people to your position there!


And when I say that “what we’re seeing is not the evolution of country music, but the gutting of it and its replacement with something completely alien to the spirit of the genre,” this right here is exactly, dead-nuts-on, what I am talking about:

With the bro-country stuff, it’s more of a hip-hop tempo. They are kinda like rock songs. You throw your 808 [drum machine] underneath it, and some loops and stuff, add the hip-hop EDM influence to it. You replace that live bass with a synth bass. Next thing you know, it just sounds more exciting than a quote unquote band.

…the hell is this? I mean, if dance music is your thing then more power to you, but…no. Just, no. The only way this even works is if by “more exciting,” Mr. Bertoldo means, “more manufactured and soulless,” but we all know that’s not what he means. What he’s saying is that all of this electronic deejay bullshit is better than a guy backed up by a real band and that it’s better that the folks backed up by the real bands get phased out in favor of this. If you’re wondering why fans of Real Country Music get so defensive anymore when people talk about incorporating other influences into the genre, well, here’s your answer.

(h/t Country California)


2 Responses to “Tuesday music musings, 17.6.14”

  1. Jeff Bauer Says:

    “With the bro-country stuff…”

    More like BLOW-country stuff, if you ask me.

  2. Greg Says:

    Well written, and your best line…”..but the gutting of it and its replacement with something completely alien to the spirit of the genre,” It’s like ordering steak, and being served fish. The fish may be tasty, but it’s not steak! And I’ll know the difference 🙂

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