Sunday political musings, 29.6.14

So, apparently Ruth Marcus and Nora Volkow are A-OK with little old ladies and war veterans getting gunned down (and babies being burned with flash-bang grenades) in their homes via no-knock SWAT raids because police think there might be drugs in there. That’s really the only conclusion I can draw, since neither of them acknowledge the myriad ways that the War On Some Drugs has gotten completely out of control in this country. I find the argument that “we don’t know how dangerous marijuana is” to be more than a little bit disingenuous, because if that’s the case, why was it even banned in the first place? And it’d be interesting to find out how our knowledge of alcohol and tobacco relates to their legality, don’t you think?


Say what you will about Houston Mayor Annise Parker, but at least she has experience doing things of substance besides filibustering.I don’t really know if I’d agree or not with the way she’s run the city of Houston — meaning, I don’t really have an opinion on that since I haven’t paid that much attention to it. She’d certainly be someone to take seriously, though, unlike a certain Democratic gubernatorial candidate who is to a large extent being pushed by out-of-state interests because of her only accomplishment of note (and even that was more or less created by the media).


Well, this is special:

DALLAS – Republican gubernatorial nominee Greg Abbott‘s campaign blasted remarks made by state Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer at the Texas Democratic Convention in Dallas, calling them inappropriate and symptomatic of the party’s recklessness.

Martinez Fischer, well-known for his penchant for throwing bombs at his colleagues across the aisle, has been especially on point this weekend. During his speech to the full convention Friday, Martinez Fischer said “GOP” stood for “gringos y otros pendejos.”

White people and other assholes. But remember, kids, it’s those evil bastard Republicans who are the racists! Never mind Trey Martinez Fischer, or Dan Ramos for that matter!


One Response to “Sunday political musings, 29.6.14”

  1. JC Says:

    “Pendejos” is “dicks”. “Assholes” is “culos”.

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