They seem to have forgotten something.

Who? Well

A Texas Tech University cheerleader is the focus of online anger after she posted pictures of her recent hunting trip to Africa on her Facebook fan page.

Kendall Jones of Cleburne, Texas, posted pictures of her trip to Zimbabwe, including pictures of her with leopards, lions, and elephants that were killed on her trip. She also included a picture of a white rhino that she tranquilized. Commenters on her pictures have shown their displeasure with Jones’ trips, including issuing her death threats. Jones addressed those voicing their displeasure on her picture with the white rhino.

And what did they forget?

They forgot that they’re making threats against someone who is good with a gun. And they also forgot that her dad was probably the one who taught her to shoot that gun and that he’s probably as good with a gun as she is? What caliber for ignorant nut cases threatening your daughter? I’m sure something like .338 Lapua Magnum would fit the bill just fine.

Seriously, as a friend of mine put it, these people probably don’t know the first thing about how these hunts factor into conservation. The way I had it explained to me, those African safaris bring in a shit-ton of money via licensing fees, much of which goes back into the local communities, which in turn gives the landowners an incentive to protect and nurture the wildlife populations. But I guess it’s just so much easier to make slurs and death threats behind a computer.


One Response to “They seem to have forgotten something.”

  1. 3boxesofbs Says:

    Nor do they recognize how hunting controls the population; preventing overgrazing. Or predators not having enough prey and turning to attacking humans.

    I’m always amazed at the irony of anti-rights cultists calling hunters and gun owners bloodthirsty killing machines. If we truly were; wouldn’t there be fewer anti-rights cultists?

    Bob S.

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