Sunday random musings, 13.7.14

Leonard Pitts is right

It is a case of Supreme hypocrisy.

…but not in the way he thinks. There is hypocrisy involved here, of course, but it is on the part of the people — arguably most of whom are leftist/progressive — who think that First Amendment rights apply only to individuals and certain collectives, i.e., the Old Media consortia, but that the Second Amendment only applies to the National Guard. I could be wrong here — I’m just going off everything I’ve read — but I’m pretty sure very, very few, if any, conservatives or libertarians ever argued that the people solely had Second Amendment rights as individuals, only that the proposition that people only had 2A rights as part of a group but not as individuals was the wrong interpretation. Yet progressives have argued from day one that the First Amendment didn’t apply to certain collectives at all while the Second Amendment exclusively applied to one specific collective. What gives?


We’re the Only Ones Letting People Snatch Our Guns Enough:

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (AP) — A gunman who killed a rookie officer responding to a report of an armed robbery at a drugstore early Sunday never tried to rob the store and instead lay in wait for police, telling a witness to watch the news because he was “going to be famous,” authorities said.

Lawrence Campbell shot Officer Melvin Santiago in the head shortly after he and his partner arrived at the 24-hour Walgreens at around 4 a.m., Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop said. Other officers returned fire at Campbell, killing him.

Campbell, 27, of Jersey City, was one of three suspects wanted by police for a prior homicide, Fulop said.

Fulop said Campbell was carrying a knife when he walked into Walgreens and asked for directions to the greeting card aisle. He assaulted an armed security guard at the store and snatched his gun, Fulop said.

According to Fulop, Campbell approached a witness and apologized for his conduct, then said to watch the news later because he was “going to be famous,” then waited for officers to arrive and shot Santiago with what police believe was the guard’s weapon.

A security guard! One of New Jersey’s Only Ones!

Maybe not quite, but it’ll be interesting to see what more comes out of this. I have to wonder how much of that security guard’s training overlapped with that of official police. Could very well be that the guard was an off-duty LEO. We see that all the time — off-duty cops serving as armed security, that is — down here in both Walmart and HEB. I am pretty sure I’ve also seen them in Walgreens.



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