Well, buh-bye, KZEP. It’s been fun.

So, yesterday afternoon I was checking Facebook and something came across my news feed about KZEP 104.5 changing to 93.3. Google yielded nothing most of the day, but later in the evening this popped up on mysanantonio.com:

After too many years to count at 104.5 on the FM dial, San Antonio’s once-esteemed classic rock station KZEP has been moved to FM 93.3, which used to be used for a relatively weak simulcast of country station KRPT (92.5 K-BUC).

“Relatively weak” is putting it mildly. To put things in perspective, the transmitter on 93.3 is 250 watts. By way of comparison, the transmitter on 104.5 was a full 100,000 watts — the most powerful transmitter allowed for an FM radio station in the United States. Now, what does that mean, practically speaking?

Well, theoretically, you could pick up KZEP as far out as south Austin. Now you’ll be lucky to get it in New Braunfels. Theoretically, anyway.

But I can tell you it’s not going to work like that. Before today, 93.3 was home to a simulcast of 92.5 K-BUC out of Devine. Sabra and I listened to that a lot and liked it pretty well; it and KKYX on 104.9 were the FM stations we listened to more than anything in the truck. But it didn’t come in worth a damn on a consistent basis pretty much anywhere in San Antonio. It didn’t even show up in the ratings in San Antonio, most likely for just that reason. Hell, they’ll be lucky to get it in Schertz on a clear night now. Between that and firing morning host John Lisle (poor dude, can’t keep a job for shit in this town anymore), it’s hard to argue that KZEP isn’t deader than a doornail now. I found this comment from the station’s Facebook page to be rather funny, in a graveyard-humor sort of way:

“X106.7 (SA’s other classic rock station-ed.) is telling people y’all are off the air!”

Weeeeell, for all practical intents and purposes, the good folks at X106.7 are exactly right.


2 Responses to “Well, buh-bye, KZEP. It’s been fun.”

  1. extexanwannabee Says:

    I sure hate to see the disappearance of rock stations, replaced by C & W.

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