Wow, Froma Harrop really outdoes herself here.

…or, Talk about blaming the victim:

no mildly savvy citizen of the digital era puts stuff in email they absolutely don’t want to see flashing across Times Square.

Yeah, well, email does require a username and a password, so in theory it should be secure. I understand that it’s not as secure as it should be. But where does this line of “reasoning” stop? We as a society use our debit and credit cards online all the time. Hell, the very concept of such anymore requires that it go through the nebulous medium known as “The Internet,” even when it’s swiped at the point of sale. Does that mean that everyone who swipes their debit card at Target didn’t “absolutely not want” to have their bank card information scrolling across the screens at Times Square? Of course it doesn’t. That’s silly and really stupid.  What Froma Harrop is essentially saying here is, in effect, “don’t use the Internet.” And while that might work for some folks, i.e. the Amish, it’s not really a viable solution for the rest of us.



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