Oh, now this is enlightening.

…or, Gun geekery alert!

Via Borepatch, we have Ballistics by the Inch, a fun look on the effect of barrel length on various loadings of pistol ammunition. I had to go straight to the .357 Magnum results. Why?

Well, at one point I had a Ruger SP101, a little snubby .357 revolver with the 2.25-inch barrel. And I can tell you that shooting full-house .357 out of that thing was quite literally a real pain. So I was thinking that for that kick I’d at least be getting a decent muzzle velocity, right? 1100-1200 feet per second? (The standard loading for a 125-grain .357 is 1450 fps out of a 4″ barrel.)

Yeah, not so much. Try about 1050 feet per second. It certainly beats a sharp stick, but I’d definitely be carrying something else given the choice. YMMV, and all that…


6 Responses to “Oh, now this is enlightening.”

  1. Greg Says:

    When the S&W LadySmith J-frames came out in 357Mag, I always wondered how many were only shot once…then thrown at the husband or boyfriend who thought is was a good idea 🙂

  2. AeroDillo Says:

    Hell…when I was working firearms retail years ago, we had a real kicker come in…Model 29 with a snub barrel and a Scandium frame. One of the Night Guard line, I think.

    I don’t recall much else and didn’t get to play with it much. I presume it was somebody’s special order since it was gone the next day I was in and so far I knew another one never passed over the counter as long as I worked there.

    All I could figure was that somebody was going to have a real interesting range day. Didn’t know where the bullets where going. Had a pretty good idea where the front sight was liable to wind up, however.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      Model 29 with a snub barrel and a Scandium frame

      Oh, no. Not just no, but HELL NO. Not least of all because of the possibility of the internal lock engaging under that heavy recoil and freezing the gun right the hell up. I think S&W finally fixed that, but that’s still a gun I don’t want aaaaany part of.

  3. AeroDillo Says:

    I’ll be honest with you, boss…I’ve about gotten to the point where safeties on guns piss me off (especially tacked-on shit that wasn’t need on the original). If the safety between a shooter’s ears don’t work there’s not a gun made that’ll be safe with him behind the trigger.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      Yeeeeeup. The Four Rules ought to be all you need. If you need more…well, you’re not ready to own a gun.

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