Once again, Second Amendment advocates are proven right…

…and once again, Leonard Pitts is outraged:

It seems our constitutional rights are being nibbled out from under us, compromise by compromise, expediency by expediency, while we watch with dull complacence. In our unthinking mania for laws to “get tough on crime,” we actually made it tougher on ourselves, altering the balance of power between people and police to the point where a cop can now take your legally earned money off your sovereign person and there’s little you can do about it.

Oh, Leonard Pitts, you naïve soul. You actually thought the ass-raping of the Bill of Rights would begin and end with the Second Amendment? Or that we could say that corporations didn’t have First Amendment rights without setting a precedent to take those rights away from other groups?

Yes, I am well aware that the Supreme Court ruled that corporations do have First Amendment rights. The point here is that once you can justify infringing on one right, you can pretty much justify infringing on them all. That is exactly what progressives have done in regards to both the First and Second Amendments and what “conservatives” have done in regards to the Fourth and Fifth Amendments (in relation to the War On Some Drugs).

So in that light, it really would be oh-so-nice if Pitts could spare us the self-righteous outrage. After all, he has shown that at least one right is worth infringing upon for preservation of public safety. I don’t see why he should think the others are worth any more.


One Response to “Once again, Second Amendment advocates are proven right…”

  1. 3boxesofbs Says:

    Pitts argued for years to give the cops more power; to stop gun crimes, to stop drug crimes, to handle hate crimes.
    Now the cops have the power and he is starting to wake up — way late but better late then never.

    An argument can be made that rights which aren’t respected in the moment they are asserted are not really rights at all.

    I’m just waiting for the day he applies that lesson to being able to own (in some places) or carry a firearm in most without permission from the government taking weeks or months to get.

    I just won’t hold my breathe waiting

    Bob S.

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