I knew I recognized that name from somewhere.

The NYT’s Joe Nocera:

Mike Weisser is my favorite gun dealer. The longtime proprietor of the Ware Gun Shop in Ware, Mass., Weisser, 70, estimates he has sold more than 40,000 guns in his career as a wholesaler and retailer. He also has a nice little business teaching a gun-safety course Massachusetts requires of all new gun owners….

Using the pen name Mike the Gun Guy…

I stopped reading right there. Mike the Gun Guy. Oh, that name sounds familiar. Off to Google!

And here’s what I find:

On one hand he claims to be an insider in the shooting sports industry, gun shop owner and supporter of the Second Amendment, but leaves a trail “common sense” anti-gun sellout articles across the web…

Oh, THAT “Mike the Gun Guy”! So what we have here, it would seem, is Joe Nocera using Mr. Weissert as some sort of credible source — an authority, even — as Weissert espouses the same old failed “solutions” that have been put forth by anti-gunners ever since, well, time immemorial. In other words, he’s a Quisling. A sellout. A traitor. A kapo, as David Codrea puts it:

So Joe’s favorite gun dealer is one who doesn’t sell guns.

Well, of course.



2 Responses to “I knew I recognized that name from somewhere.”

  1. 3boxesofbs Says:

    Wonder if the fact Mike the Gun Guy stands to loose a lot of business — both as a dealer and an instructor — has anything to do with his stance on ‘common sense’ gun control laws.

    Things like “universal background checks” a Massachusetts staple if I remember right sure can increase that profit margin — just a few minutes work for him and bingo — more coin in the till.

    And as far as Bagdad Joe goes — wonder if he ever asks why the Democrats didn’t put together a comprehensive mental health legislation packet when they had control of both the House and the Senate.

    Bob S.

  2. guy Says:

    Well you won’t have to worry cause he shut his business down.

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