Wow, that’s quite the temper tantrum.

From yesterday’s San Antonio Express-News:

 Gun open carry is openly dumb

…Handguns are for killing — people. Of the 8,896 firearm deaths nationally in 2012, 71.6 percent of them were by handguns. That equals 6,371 people, now dead. Handguns in particular have not made this state or this nation safer. Quite the opposite.

Bad enough that concealed weapons permits exist, but we have no confidence that the amount of training required for such permits makes holders able to use firearms in public with the kind of good judgment or accuracy necessary. This requires the kind of constant training given to sworn police officers. And if a bad guy intent on bad stuff sees this unconcealed weapon, maybe he starts shooting first.

Wow. I haven’t seen such a shit fit thrown on the editorial pages of a major Texas newspaper since…well, at least since when the Houston Chronicle threw their little hissy fit about CHL records being taken out of the public domain. Somehow that’s oddly fitting, considering the Chron and the Express-News are both owned by the same people. Hell, for all any of us know it was written by the Chron editorial board.

No matter who wrote it, it’s quite comical how wrong they are. Constant training given to sworn police officers? You mean the same ones who most likely fire fewer rounds out of their duty pistols in a year than many civilian shooters fire in a month out of their personally-owned firearms? All righty then.

As for the bit about “handguns are for killing people” and “bad enough that concealed weapons exist”…well, you know what that means, right? Means that the Express-News thinks you shouldn’t be allowed to own a personal defensive arm, let alone carry one to defend yourself. They’re just too chickenshit to come right out and say it. I mean, I didn’t agree with the Washington Post’s advocacy of a handgun ban some years back, but at least they had the stones to put it right out there in the open. I can respect the act itself even if I violently disagree with it. But here, the Express-News shows yet again why they’re a complete joke all around.

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One Response to “Wow, that’s quite the temper tantrum.”

  1. Howard Murphy Says:

    I would agree that’s quite ridiculous. Training is a crucial part of carrying concealed and I’m not sure the author of that piece realizes that.

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