Wrong answer, Sammy. Thanks for playing, though!

…or, If I keep rolling my eyes like this, one of these days they’re going to stick.

Sam Hunt, via Country California:

I don’t know if the phrase originally was meant to be derogatory but it’s turned into that. It’s sort of a snobby thing to say. You know, I think some people enjoy being above whatever “bro-country” is.

Good grief, talk about missing the target by a mile. It’s a good thing he never flew B-52s or he’d have been thrown out of the Air Force. — Enjoy being above bro-country? I only speak for myself here, but I don’t so much “enjoy being above” bro-country as pride myself on it. Why?

Because, as I’ve probably said before, it’s all so shallow and insincere. Fake, even. What the hell did Sam Hunt think “I’ll Sing About Mine” was really about?  Does he think Adam Hood and Brian Keane just pulled that song out of their asses? I mean, you could probably paint it as some kind of elite vs. proletariat thing if you wanted to — Hunt may or may not be alluding to that here — but when you have songwriters who grew up in those small towns calling out bro-country for the bullshit that it is, that lends a certain level of, shall we say, credibility to what they’re saying.

Oh, who am I kidding? Hunt is just in his own way disparaging all the longtime country music fans who don’t like the direction the genre has been taking the last few years. That’s what it sounds like to me, honestly. And I can see why he’d be a little cloudy on the concept of standards, considering he markets himself as a country singer when he’s nothing of the sort, but that doesn’t make him any less off-base.


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