Monday tech musings, 29.12.14

Shorter HuffPo: “Apple isn’t catering to our target market of idiots, the bastards!”

In all seriousness, 16 GB is only not enough storage for those who don’t know how to manage it. Unfortunately, though, those people are legion. They think they can put it all in the nebulous “cloud, that cloud storage is free and infinite, and/or that cloud and phone storage are interchangeable. And, of course, they don’t have computers to store their pictures on, and of course every single picture and video is absolutely essential.

And even if there was any merit to the complaints in this story, that doesn’t change the fact that it all could be averted if people did their research. I’ve noted before that one of the two biggest reasons that I got the MacBook Pro instead of the MacBook Air was that the Pro had a bigger hard drive. You know how I found that out? Research, that’s how.

Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, I don’t know. But this whole thing to me just seems to highlight the advantages of local storage, not to mention the advantages of being at least somewhat tech-savvy. When I bought my most recent smartphone, the amount of storage on the device wasn’t even a consideration for me because I already had more local storage (on my Mac) than I’d probably ever need. Seriously, is it really that hard?



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