Random guns & politics musings, 21.1.15

Is it just me, or does a statement like “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel is arguably the most important sports program on television” is akin to saying “Bryant Gumbel is the smartest paste-eater in the room”? Anything for Rolling Stone to get another slam in at gun owners, I guess…


I know I’ve heard people talk about doing stupid crap like this, but I never thought anyone would be dumb enough to actually try it. That shithead’s lucky he didn’t leave in a box. Not so lucky for the rest of us, though. I saw the observation made that such an incident was a good example of carrying less-lethal weapons like mace or whatnot, and it’d be interesting to see how that situation would’ve turned out of that old man had been carrying it.

Oh, and the dude with the gun was an older black man. His assailant was white. I’m sure Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are champing at the bit right about now. Or, y’know, not.


Oh, NK, you FAIL once again:

Doesn’t it seem odd that your cellphone can be set up to require a PIN or a fingerprint, but there’s no such option for a gun?

Sigh. No, Nicky, no it doesn’t. I was just sorry as can be to hear about Veronica Rutledge’s tragic death, but it was ultimately the lack of a smart method of carry, not the lack of a smart gun, that killed her. Maybe that sounds heartless, but she is (or rather, was) not the only mother of small children who carried a defensive firearm as the children were in her presence. And I’ve heard more than once that purse carry is in general a bad idea for myriad reasons. That isn’t to say that it can’t be done, but — as with everything with guns — if it’s not done right you can end up injured or dead, as Ms. Rutledge so unfortunately found out. I would say that Nicholas Kristof ought to be ashamed to be using her death to push his agenda, but he and his kind showed themselves long ago to be far beyond such.



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