Friday political musings, 30.1.15

The San Antonio Express-News editorial board proves yet again just how fundamentally unserious they are:

The reluctance of the San Antonio City Council to get behind an active awareness campaign on sodas and other sugary drinks has always been baffling.

Baffling? Really? It’s not exactly a state secret that sugary drinks are bad for you. It seems like there’s something in the news every day about it. Launching a public awareness campaign about that would be like launching a public awareness campaign to educate people about the wetness of water.

And no, there’s no “bugaboo of personal responsibility” here. It’s just a waste of money, period, probably even more so than the streetcars or politically motivated street name changes.


From the letters to the editor:

Oh wow, how comforting to know that Texas is still in the grip of the conservatives, or even more accurately, the tea party of Dan and Greg. They didn’t get the mandate they love to yap about, since only about a third of eligible voters bothered to vote.

You know, at this point, whatever helps people like this sleep at night. Looking back, it seems to me that pretty much everyone was excited about Wendy Davis running for governor except the people who actually determined whether or not she’d be governor. Maybe if the Democrats offered up a credible candidate for governor as opposed to just pulling a publicity stunt more people would’ve bothered to get out to vote. The Republicans didn’t sucker the Democrats into doing anything. They nominated Wendy Davis completely of their own accord.


2 Responses to “Friday political musings, 30.1.15”

  1. Peter Says:

    I’m guessing so few people voted because the election was a foregone conclusion. Anyway, it’s not as if Texas is a purple state like Virginia, it’s very red.

  2. Tyler Says:

    Couldn’t find your contact info so I wanted to comment to see if you could send me an email.

    rebelmississippi at gmail

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