Tuesday music musings, 12.9.15

Oh, huh, more defensiveness from Luke Bryan:

For people to call me the father of it (bro-country), well, whatever. It just seems like a term that was invented to cheapen me as an artist.

Sounds like all the criticism is getting to him.

Well, tough shit. Like I’ve said before, if Mr. Bryan doesn’t wanna get called out for making crap music, there’s a reeeeeaaaaaally easy way to make that happen. And as for the term “bro-country” cheapening him as an artist…well, it seems to me he’s doing a bang-up job of that all on his lonesome, whatever term one might use to characterize his “music.”


Aaaaaand, more of the same from Thomas Rhett:

I love my dad with all my heart. But that’s one of the main questions I’ve been asked since I became an artist. To this day, every phoner I do for a radio station, one of the first things is, “I played your daddy’s songs back in 1995.”

Well, that’s kinda apropos, considering that if it weren’t for Thomas Rhett’s dad’s connections he’d probably be sweeping the floors at Walmart.

And as I’ve said before, that in itself is a meta-commentary of sorts on how bad things have gotten in mainstream country, because Rhett Akins’ record even before the Peach Pickers was nothing to write home about. He had a serviceable voice but never released anything particularly memorable. Truth be told I kinda liked “Not On Your Love.”

Or was it “She Said Yes”?


How bad can a song called “Southern Drawl” be? Pretty damn bad.

The title of this song was bad enough, to be sure. I shut it off about 55 seconds in.

They had some clunkers, to be sure, but I was a big Alabama fan back in the day. I say every now and then that pop-country isn’t necessarily bad by default; it’s just that it used to be a whole lot better. Acts like Glen Campbell, Earl Thomas Conley, and Alabama are usually the examples I use to support that observation. I don’t know why they feel like they have to cheapen their legacy with this any more than they already have with songs like the *NSYNC duet and “When It All Goes South.” You’d think they’d have been set for life after their ’80s success….


2 Responses to “Tuesday music musings, 12.9.15”

  1. AeroDillo Says:

    …is it just me, or does Randy Owen look like he ought to be wearing dead animal skins and living on the side of a mountain somewhere?

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