A few words on Granger Smith…

…or, Why should we give people a pass just because they made good music once?

From the comments to the review from Country Perspective of Granger Smith’s “Backroad Song”:

Not every song has to be deep….Not every song has to be a deep, depressing Jason Isbell ballad.

This is the second-most-worn out argument behind “country music must evolve.” It’s one that’s trotted out damn near every time yet another dumb party-in-the-country song comes out, and it’s bullshit. Not every song has to be a dumb party-in-the-country song either, but that’s sure as hell what we’re getting, and I for one am fucking sick and tired of it. It was worn out two years ago, and now it’s just rank and rotting.

And then there was this:

His entire repertoire of music proves at least one thing: He deserves better.

I don’t see how Granger Smith should get a pass on the crap he makes now just because he allegedly used to make good music. That’s like saying Pat Green should get a pass for “College” and “Country Star” because of “Nightmare” and “Take Me Out to a Dancehall.” If anything, he should be held to a higher standard because of it.

But even if he did get a pass just for the music he once made, it still deserves to be pointed out that with this song and his career moves, Granger Smith is shitting on the entire Texas and Red Dirt country movement. We’re going to be pointing to Texas and Red Dirt as a better alternative to the Nashville crap and they’re going to point to Granger Smith and”Backroad Song” and ask us what the hell is the difference between Texas and Nashville. It’s not fair and it’s not accurate, but perception is reality, and to be honest we have every right to expect better than crap like this stupid song out of Nashville in the first place, let alone Texas. Hell, the biggest reason Texas and Red Dirt music has gotten so damn big in the first place is because of the crap like this! Do we really want people to think of Granger Smith instead of the Turnpike Troubadours whenever Red Dirt is mentioned? I sure as shit don’t.

I mean, really. Like I said back at Saving Country Music when Trigger reviewed “Backroad Song,” I know people bitch about Josh Abbott, and I can sort of understand why, but that shit makes Abbott sound like Rollercoaster-era Randy Rogers, or Jason Boland and the Stragglers. And if we don’t call these people out when they pull stunts like this just because they’re from Texas, then Texas really is no better than Nashville.


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