A couple of questions…

…for O. Ricardo Pimentel:

Let’s just say you got the ban on selling everything but hunting guns that you agitate for. And let’s just say that banning them did nothing to reduce crime (just as the last “assault weapons” ban did), and no one took advantage of your mythical buy-back program. And let’s just say that Congress AND the President of the United States, in some alternate universe, authorized and mandated door-to-door gun confiscation and that such passed constitutional muster as per the United States Supreme Court.

Would you sign up for one of those confiscation teams? You know, put your own skin in the game? Or send your son and/or daughter to do it? Or would you send other people’s sons and daughters to do it, as you sit in your air-conditioned office and exult our collective ostensible reason and wisdom while they get massacred? Because whether you want to admit or not, that’s what all these policies you advocate are going to come down to.

Assuming, again, that we lived in said alternate universe (and thank God that we do not).


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