What about Mom & Dad? Where were they?

From today’s Houston Chronicle:

The world’s most fashionable pair of basketball shoes-Air Jordans-cost $185 and Joshua Woods had bought two pair for himself and a pair for his sister.

For less than $600 of plastic and leather, four Houstonians followed him home from Willowbrook Mall just before Christmas 2012 and gunned him down in the middle of the day.

On Friday, the first of the four suspects was sentenced to life in prison without parole. A Harris County jury deliberated just two hours before convicting Neal Bland of capital murder over Air Jordan sneakers….

Dazie Williams…responded to her son’s death by trying to convince Nike and Michael Jordan to stop the live-release of limited editions of the shoes. The family wants the company to either sell them online only or make enough to avoid violence when they go on sale.

But that wasn’t really the worst of it. This was:

“Nike isn’t here, because they don’t care,” [community activist Deric] Muhammad said. “Michael Jordan isn’t here, because he cares even less.”

Oh for fuck’s sake. What about Neal Bland’s mother and father, or the people who otherwise raised him? Where the hell were they? And why wasn’t Deric Muhammad calling them out? Neal Bland was a hell of a lot more their responsibility than Michael Jordan’s or Nike’s.


One Response to “What about Mom & Dad? Where were they?”

  1. Jeff Bauer Says:

    You’ve absolutely nailed it again, my friend. It’s long past due calling these pathetic Blame Game idiots out for their bullshit behavior.

    It’s not the job of government, states, municipalities, schools, teachers, Nike, or Michael Jordan to raise the (frequently illegitimate) spawn (frequently bastards) of others: IT’S THE JOB OF THE PARENTS!

    And there’s one particular political party guilty of perpetuating the irresponsible behavior and entitlement mentality of many parents. So THINK on November 8, 2016.

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