Grammy musings

Well, to the extent the Grammy Awards mean anything anyway…

Jason Isbell winning Best Americana Album for Something More Than Free and Best Americana Roots Song for “24 Frames” was great, but it would have been even better to see those awards presented during the prime time telecast. SMTF was absolutely one of the best albums of the year in any genre, and Isbell more than deserves the primetime exposure.

Also, SMTF should have had Sam Hunt’s slot in the nominees for Best Country Album, at least. Or hell, pretty much any of the albums I listed here should have had that slot, and any of them would be worthy of recognition as the best of the year. But at least Sam Hunt went home completely empty-handed yet again, and that in itself is a victory.

What’s that? Why is it a victory if, as I so often proclaim, all of these award shows are one big circle-jerk?

Well, I’m not being willfully blind here. These awards are recognition by one’s peers, and said recognition does often go hand-in-hand with sales success and in part determining the direction of at least the mainstream component of the genre. And frankly, the less recognition that the likes of Sam Hunt and Thomas Rhett get, especially at the higher levels like the Grammys, the better. This metro-country thing needs to die a horrible screaming death, and the sooner the better, even if it means Chris Stapleton gets overhyped at least a little bit longer.


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