FFS, dude, just play with your thirty pieces of silver and keep your mouth shut.

Granger Smith:

“I’m very, very, very blessed to have had the Texas music scene as a testing ground,” Smith recently told The Boot and other reporters. “I had singles — on-the-radio singles — I had a radio tour a couple times … [We] had been running in the minor leagues; that’s really what it is.”

Well then.

I guess we should just consider the source and think of what Smith said as a compliment given such, but it’s still bullshit, and rather inaccurate bullshit to, uh, boot. Such a statement would seem to imply that Texas is the farm team for Nashville, and that in turn would seem to imply that what’s done in Nashville and what’s done in Texas somewhat resemble one another. And we all should know by now that such is far from the case. But no matter what, it strikes me as more than a little bit insulting. Like this scene and all that it stands for wasn’t good enough for him. And beyond that, what does that say about his opinion of all the Texas guys who went to Nashville before and came back to Texas later, like Wade Bowen, Pat Green, Cross Canadian Ragweed, and the Randy Rogers Band? That they weren’t good enough to make it in the so-called major leagues? That is every bit as offensive as “if you’re not on country radio, you don’t exist.”

Also, along the lines of my previous comment, if Smith’s analogy was anywhere near accurate, Aaron Watson would have been made a mainstream star with The Underdog and “Rodeo Queen” would have been the closing track on it. To paraphrase a commenter at Galleywinter’s FB page, Smith’s commentary is going to serve him quite well when he comes slinking back to Texas after his stint in Nashville.

And mark my words, he’ll be back at some point. And he will deserve every bit of the ridicule that he gets.


4 Responses to “FFS, dude, just play with your thirty pieces of silver and keep your mouth shut.”

  1. Zackary Kephart Says:

    Never knew you operated this blog. Been reading some articles of yours for the past half hour. Good stuff!

    Yeah, considering his new single isn’t even really doing much of anything (at least I don’t think it is. I don’t follow the charts), I wonder how long Granger will last in the mainstream. Nobody seemed to care about “Remington” (which is a good thing), so I imagine he’ll have to eat his words soon.

    Oh well, it’s like Randy and Wade say:

    “I don’t have hits. I’ve got standards”

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      Thanks so much for the compliments, friend! I really enjoyed your work at Country Perspective as well, and there’s some good stuff at your personal blog too.

      I imagine he’ll have to eat his words soon.

      From your lips to God’s ears! I remember I bitched MIGHTILY about Pat Green’s Nashville music, but as bad as it was, I don’t EVER remember him taking a shit on the scene the way Granger Smith has here. If I was one of those artists I mentioned above, I’d consider it a personal insult. I follow the charts to the extent Country Perspective publishes them. 😀

      “I don’t have hits. I’ve got standards”

      Yes, indeed.

  2. AndyTheDrifter Says:

    Great article, and amen.

    I’ve never heard this guy’s music, but I hear it isn’t very good, even his pre-Nashville stuff, and the the fact that he now has a “country” hit called “Backroad Song” tells me all I need to know.

    As I said on Twitter, I’m just going to continue to listen to Jerry Jeff, REK, Hubbard, Boland, Bowen, RRB, CCR etc. You know, minor leaguers!

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      Thanks for the compliments! 😀

      I heard even his pre-Nashville stuff was kinda gimmicky and that he was more or less one of the second- or third-tier artists on the scene. “The Country Boy Song” was pretty funny, but that sort of thing kinda wears thin after a few listens. But it was still much, much better than “Backroad Song.” I don’t know if what some folks say is true about more people knowing who Earl Dibbles, Jr. is than who Granger Smith is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true.

      Jerry Jeff, REK, Hubbard, Boland, Bowen, RRB, CCR

      Yup, that’s the good stuff, right there.

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