Tuesday music musings, 2.5.17

Good for Sam Riggs for apologizing for that bullshit stunt at the Larry Joe Taylor Music Festival

…but even if there’s no danger to the audience, I have always thought that sort of thing was completely unnecessary, to the point that I will say this:

If you feel like destroying musical instruments should be part of your live show for any reason, really, perhaps you shouldn’t be playing music for a living. The true test of a musical entertainer is (or at least ought to be) whether they can entertain a crowd when said crowd is blindfolded. No matter if you’re Jimi Hendrix, Garth Brooks, or Sam Riggs. And you can call me an old fart, a jackass, or whatever…but if I am that now, then I was one at the ripe old age of 15 watching Garth Brooks smash those guitars on the stage at Texas Stadium on national TV. I have said it before, but I always thought it rather telling that George Strait got the same reaction to his live shows that Garth Brooks did, when all George does — all he has ever done — is “just stand there and sing,” as some people so derisively put it. And I hear people say, “if I just wanted music I’d sit at home and listen to the cd,” but there’s a reason all those live albums I mentioned in that William Clark Green review are so highly regarded by fans of OKOM. There are more where those came from. Maybe more entertainers in Texas and everywhere else should strive for that level of artistry.

(Why do I ramble on about all this? Because I don’t have Trailer’s mad meme skills.)


I finally got William Michael Morgan’s album Vinyl. I’ll have more to say on it at some point…

…but I will say off the bat that it’s the first album from a new mainstream country star that I’ve enjoyed in many years. Not that I’ve bought that many, but then again, one of the side effects of hearing crappy music on mainstream radio is not going out and buying new mainstream music. But if we had more stuff like what’s on this album, country music would be in a lot better shape than it is.

This right here is the best of the bunch, though.


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