Cornteen musings.

Well then. How ’bout this current situation?

Not gonna lie. We have been so, so very fortunate. Not too much has changed for us with this whole coronavirus thing, as the current job allows me to work from home and all. No hours cut as of yet or anything.


But man, some people. I do not know to what extent it’s true, but I have heard that there are people out there bitching about having to go into the office while other people in the company are getting to work from home. As I understand it, they are saying something to this effect: “I want to be on vacation too!”

If I were a business owner, those were my employees, and I caught wind of that, I would happily oblige them with a vacation, all right — a permanent, unpaid vacation from the company. And I would replace them with people who would be grateful for having a job to go to. I mean, I’m glad to have the opportunity to work from home, and I am very glad to have a job that I can do that with, but even if I still had a job that I had to go on site to do, I’d just be grateful to have it.

Much as I love working from home, though, I am not gonna lie and say I don’t have the heebie-jeebies about this whole thing more and more as time goes on. How long, how far do we take this whole social distancing bit before the economy collapses and we have ourselves a bona fide 1930s-style Great Depression on our hands? There has GOT to be some sort of happy medium between staying in except for going to get the bare essentials and going to Walmart to window shop. Like a friend said, we’re looking down the barrel of home foreclosures, bankruptcies, suicides, families going on the street, that sort of thing. Yeah, I know. “You’re prioritizing MONEY OVER LIVES, YOU EVIL BASTARD!” Well, no, but I really, really think it’s worth asking at some point if this situation is being seen by the powers that be as Rahm Emanuel’s proverbial crisis not going to waste.

And don’t even get me started on the idiots agitating to completely shut down public transportation AND RIDESHARES and for HEB to only do curbside service. Because, of course, poor people who don’t have cars don’t need to get groceries, amirite?

But even so, there’s another set of idiots that make the above-mentioned ones look like rocket scientists, and that is the set of idiots who are all like, “We need to keep the economy almost completely shut down indefinitely, because muh just one life saved.”

I want to know the personal situations of the advocates of this strategy vis-à-vis steady income, buying food, and paying the bills. You know, maintaining a basic standard of living. Because there are A LOT of people who are on the verge of not being able to do that because of this. Methinks the people advocating for an indefinite economic shutdown are to a person speaking from the position of still having steady income and all that.

Also, what about the lives offset by the suicides of people who lose their livelihoods, their savings, their homes to this? Do they just not count?

A friend was like, “Well, maybe there needs to be some sort of back-breaking event to effect real change.”

Which may be true, as nihilistic as it may be, but I might feel better about it if this whole thing, again, didn’t reek of “never letting a crisis go to waste.” Frankly, I think this whole shutdown is nothing short of an economic Vietnam, with the virus itself playing the role of the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Tell me I’m wrong. It’s all there — fishy justification, untold resources down the drain, and no exit strategy.


2 Responses to “Cornteen musings.”

  1. Jeff Bauer Says:

    Glad you’re well and working. I’m a week and a half out of femoral artery bypass surgery and at home, so I was going to be out of work anyways. But I do feel for those let go over this damn cornteen.

    Sooner or later we need to get out an mingle, for no other reason than to develop some herd immunity.

    Here’s something I found troubling. You probably will, too:

    How do YOU spell “Deep State”?

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