Well, that settles that.

So, if you had any remaining doubt that public officials have wrecked the American economy for no good reason at all, check this out.

Suddenly, Public Health Officials Say Social Justice Matters More Than Social Distance

Was it fair to decry conservatives’ protests about the economy while supporting these new protests? And if tens of thousands of people get sick from Covid-19 as a result of these mass gatherings against racism, is that an acceptable trade-off? Those are questions that a half-dozen coronavirus experts who said they support the protests declined to directly answer.

That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? I mean, there’s always the possibility that they don’t think it’s an acceptable trade-off but are afraid of saying so, in which case I really couldn’t blame them — because, well, cancel culture and all that. But honestly, if they’re on record as supporting the protests, I don’t think that’s it. And that really only leaves one possibility here — namely, that their professional opinions are subject to sociopolitical considerations that of course things like viruses know nothing of and care nothing about, so perhaps those opinions aren’t worth anything. Perish the thought, amirite?

On a related note

Huh. I am just gonna come right out and say it: if Jennifer Nuzzo’s professional opinions are that subject to sociopolitical considerations, which they certainly appear to be from this tweet, she needs to surrender her medical license and go to work at the dollar store.

EDIT: I have been informed that Ms. Nuzzo is not actually an MD, but a PhD. Which, honestly, makes her opinions on this worth that much less. My opinion on her professional opinions in relation to sociopolitical considerations remains.


One Response to “Well, that settles that.”

  1. Jeff Bauer Says:

    Jennifer Nuzzo, DrPH – COVID-1984 PLANdemic expert and SJW – please return any and all educational degrees post haste. Then please super-size my fries…

    Set a curfew. Inform public. Arrest, detain, prosecute, and punish curfew violators. Period.

    Immediately terminate the employment of ANY police officers “taking a knee” with protestors. Taking a knee with protestors is a formal resignation. Period.

    Block a street, intersection, highway, or Interstate? Go to jail. Go DIRECTLY to jail. Be detained, prosecuted, and punished. Period.

    Inform populace looters will be shot. Rules of engagement for law enforcement officers AND business owners: see a looter, shoot a looter. And shoot TO KILL. Period.

    I feel better now. Thank you.

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