Oh, this is long, long overdue.

So a few weeks ago, Kevin over at Country Universe reviewed a greatest-hits album from Roy Clark. I didn’t think anything of it until this morning, when I went on one of my periodic Roy Clark searches on Spotify…

…and found this.

Oh, huh. Are these all original recordings?

Yes. Yes they are!

More research yielded this:

Country Hero Roy Clark’s ‘Greatest Hits’ Gets CD And Digital Release

The Craft Recordings set revisits the native Virginian’s definitive retrospective and the only one currently in print.

This is long, long overdue. Too many people only know Roy Clark for Hee Haw (a show I loved, by the way), but he was a great singer and a fantastic instrumentalist in his own right.

One of the greatest songs in country and pop music history, and this is probably the definitive version of it.

One Response to “Oh, this is long, long overdue.”

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