Tuesday music musings, 16.3.21

Oh, hey, it’s been a while!

Every so often I have to see if a given artist is as bad as one or more of my favorite music bloggers makes them out to be.

SPOILER ALERT: Niko Moon is every bit as bad as Farce the Music makes him out to be.

Song: “Yeah we pickin’ on them guitars just right, everybody singin’ ‘Dixieland Delight’…”

My literal reaction: “Oh, AS FUCKING IF.”

What really burns my ass about this, though, is that East Coast pop music writers will talk about country music being racist, but they won’t say anything about country radio driving this bullshit white-boy R&B to No. 1 (and they’ll talk about “country music’s ‘Next Emo-Rap Star,'” who is — SURPRISE! — yet another suburban rich white kid) while the likes of Charley Crockett, who in addition to his illustrious catalog to date just released a tribute album of the songs of stone-country Texas troubadour James Hand, continue to go ignored.


This, on the other hand, is pretty spectacular.

I heard “Unbreakable” from this same album (2013’s Nemesis) on one of my Spotify daily mixes some time ago and decided to take the album for a spin, and I was not disappointed. You really can’t go wrong with any kind of power/symphonic metal from that side of the pond. What makes this even more remarkable is the current lineup of the band — the lineup that recorded this album — comprises none of its original members.


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