Another Brady Lie? Say It Isn’t So!

Via THR, once again comes this article, with this whopper of a fabrication from HCI spokesperson Jennifer Bishop:

A gun rights group says the victims of Friday’s tragic Loop shooting rampage might still be alive if law abiding citizens were allowed to carry concealed weapons. Richard Pearson of the Illinois State Rifle Association believes armed office workers, might have stopped it.
“If a person had concealed carry, a lot of people might be around that would be near enough to prevent such a thing,” Pearson said.
Pearson says the three men who died Friday were shot like “fish in a barrel.”
“Which means the fish don’t have a chance, because those workers were absolutely defenseless,” he said.
Pearson’s group proposes an Illinois concealed carry law that would allow people to carry guns after they undergo firearms training, and pass an FBI background check. Then they would get a state license to be armed at all times.
The Illinois group says with more guns, crime would go down. It has happened, they say, in other states.
But a member of the gun control group, The Brady Campaign, disagrees.
“In all those places where we’ve seen this, we’ve seen concealed carry permit holders that have become criminals because they act on impulse,” said Jennifer Bishop.

This is an out-and-out lie, and these people know it. I know well that they will resort to just about anything to demonize those of us who advocate the right to carry arms, but this is beyond the pale. And what’s worse, the reporter seens to let this brazen lie go virtually unchallenged. I am once again flabbergasted that there are still people out there who do not think that the Brady Campaign is all about banning all guns and banning gun ownership, and that they are just as extremist as Josh Sugarmann and his hysterical gang at the Violence Policy Center. And what’s even more maddening is the fact that they make such patently false, unsupported statements with nothing to back them up, and they’re never called on it by the supposed watchdogs. Sickening, just absolutely sickening.



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