I don’t know why Chris Ladd is so angsty here.

Frankly, as far as I’m concerned he can go right along to the Democratic Party and take all his like-minded friends with him. He can spout all the horseshit he wants about the Republicans pushing “white-nationalist” and “neo-Confederate” agendas, but the fact remains that when we get down to brass tacks — in his case, running people for the highest office in the land — it’s the “pragmatic, sensible, responsible Republicans” he touts who have been ending up as the party’s standard-bearers since 1996. And they just barely pulled out a win once. Practically the only reason the  Republicans have ever won the presidency since 1996 is the Democrats’ incompetence at picking candidates.

And on the flip side of that, the biggest reason Barack Obama is in the White House now is the incompetence of the Republicans. They ran those “pragmatic, sensible, responsible Republicans” both in 2008 and 2012 and lost both times — even worse in 2012, as again, Mitt Romney got even fewer votes than John McCain did because Republicans decided they’d rather stay home than vote for him. I don’t know why Chris Ladd thinks the solution is more of the same. And given that the Republicans have been running his kind of candidate on both the state and national level, I don’t know why he claims that he’ll have to vote for Democrats for the foreseeable future on the national level.

Unless, of course, he’s really a Democrat.


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