Sure, he can write that now…

…but what if that dude who’d broken into Rick Casey’s house had turned out to have worse things in mind? Unlike some of the letter-writers, I don’t think Casey not having a gun in his house makes him less of a man. Stupid, maybe, but not less of a man. No, what makes him less of a man is his apparent willingness to gamble his wife’s life on the motives of strange men who break into their house. To write such a column with the benefit of hindsight shows a lack of self-awareness that’s seldom seen outside academia and the Washington Beltway. Anything for a slam at gun owners, I guess…


3 Responses to “Sure, he can write that now…”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    Rick Casey was an asshole when I first met him in 1996, and he’s an asshole today. Consistent, if not pleasant.

  2. 45er Says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty ridiculous. Yes, he didn’t have to shoot him. I would also make that potential decision as I held a firearm in my hand. It doesn’t make him superior for not having a gun, it just makes him have no options if the guy turned out to want to do horrible things. Not every gun owner kills the intruder. I would say, however, that if he tried to push past me I would go ahead and end that situation.

  3. majmike Says:

    I won’t be his sheep dog. He’s onhis own.

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