Another fuzzy-headed editorial from the Houston Chronicle?

Yeah, really. I know, right?

We love George Strait as much as the next Texan…But like the Astrodome, Strait’s star is one that shone brightest over an older Houston. The country superstar is on his final tour, and Strait’s concert was almost like a history lesson of his discography. It was a celebration of rodeos past.

Really?  Just because Strait’s been around for so long he doesn’t really have a place in at least the short-term future? Somehow I doubt the folks at Reliant Stadium on Sunday night would agree with that; he’s never had a problem selling tickets anywhere I’ve seen him. Granted, I’m sure a lot of that is because he doesn’t even come close to oversaturating the market, but he still puts on a great show and still makes great music. I’m just not getting the whole “celebration of the past” bit. No matter how much they’d like it not to be so, if he decides to come back, George Strait is gonna be a big draw at the rodeo for some time to come. And somehow I doubt it’s going to be just the “old farts and jackasses” that come out to see him.



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