Well. I was not expecting this.

I’m not a terribly big fan of Christmas music. I’ve seen the argument made here and there that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. And not long ago some intrepid Redditor made the observation that if that were so, Sabaton’s “Screaming Eagles” and “No Bullets Fly” were Christmas songs. And I thought, oh, now I can DEFINITELY get behind that.

Well, some time after that, leave it up to Sabaton to release an actual Christmas song…

…and have it be freaking spectacular.

I mean…wow. This song and its accompanying video are just on a completely different level than anything they’ve ever done before. I just don’t have words for it. It’s one of the most beautiful and moving things I have ever seen in my entire life. I can honestly say it’s been a very long time since a piece of music elicited the reaction from me that this did. (I blubbered like a fool, why do you ask?)

Pretty damn impressive for a band that’s been at it for as long as they have. Both Joakim Bròden and Pär Sundström said it was the most-requested topic from the fans for a long time, but they wanted to get it just right. Well, they absolutely did that, with both the song and the video. The new album The War To End All Wars comes out March 4th, and I absolutely cannot wait.


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